Snoop Dogg on the set of his first video,“Who Am I? (What’s My Name),” in Long Beach, California, in 1993. (Photograph by Lisa Leone) Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill during the filming of the Fugees’ ”Vocab” video, in East Harlem, 1993. (Photograph by Lisa Leone) The Notorious B.I.G. with Lil’ Cease in Philadelphia, 1994. (Photograph by Lisa Leone)


The Bronx-born photographer Lisa Leone began taking pictures of hip-hop artists she knew in her teens and twenties. Today, her work offers a look back at some of hip-hop’s biggest names when they were just getting their start.

Photographs by Lisa Leone


MONOLITT  by  Syver Lauritzsen

MONOLITT is an interactive installation that quite literally paints the mood of the city, using social media feeds as an input. The installation takes electronic signals and lets them manifest themselves in the physical world. Using sentiment analytics, the installation links tweets to corresponding colored paints in realtime, feeding them out through the top of the sculpture, letting them flow into a procedurally generated three-dimensional painting.

Wacth the Video: